Close Parent Reusable Breast Pads


Need some help? Find your fit.

Milk leakage is a hazard of the job as a breastfeeding mum so these award winning reusable breast pads from Close Parent are the perfect accompaniment to your nursing sports bras.

Coming packed in their own mesh laundry bag with 3 pairs (six pads) in each pack, these pads are incredibly slim and contoured to fit the breast meaning no visible lines.

Next to the skin is a fast wicking layer for extra dryness and inside a hidden core of thirsty bamboo that can cope with even heavy milk flow. Lastly the waterproof laminate and specially designed bind provide added leak protection, giving you a washable pad that can outperform most disposables - a win for you and a win for the planet.

Key Features

  • 6 pads with mesh laundry bag
  • Fast wicking top layer for extra dryness
  • Waterproof layer for extra confidence
  • Reusable - saving you extra pennies!
  • Seal to skin binding to help keep pad in place and reduce leaks
  • Highly absorbent bamboo viscose core
  • Shaped to fit the natural contours of the breast with no visible lines

It can be tricky to know what size to get when your shape is constantly changing. We want to ensure you get a perfect fit every time so have created this handy size guide to help you get it right.

Measuring bra size

If you are not sure what bra size you currently are, grab a tape measure and check out Boob or Bust who have a handy calculator, calibrated to take pregnancy and breastfeeding in to account.

This chart calculates in line with the Boob or Bust size guides rather than the bra size you wear. This is because bra sizes vary hugely between brands and we want to ensure you get the best fit every time.  At the very least we recommend choosing the size that corresponds with your under bust measurement in inches - not your bra size! 

We always recommend choosing your pre-pregnancy size for the best fit during and after pregnancy. If you are already pregnant and finding bras too tight, we'd typically suggest picking one size below your current under bust measurement and using the bra extender to the end of your pregnancy (for the best postnatal fit). 

Still not sure? Drop us an email on with your measurements and current bra size and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 








Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Just, wow! I have used so many different pads and they all show through since I have bigger boobs. These are actually shaped well that you can't see them. I never put padding in my bra, since I have huge boobs, so I don't want the bulk. These are so discreet and comfortable, unlike so many others on the market. They've washed great and I'm buying more!

Laura W
The best nursing pads

I love these breast pads. They're so comfortable to wear and wash really well.

Bethan Roberts
Breast Pads

Really comfy, super soft and a great size so no problems with them slipping out the way.
Bought 1 packet to try and now going to buy another to keep stocked up.
So much nicer than disposables.

Alison Knight

Good shape, love them

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