• Vitality Nursing Sports Bra in Very Berry (Sizes B-F)
  • Vitality Nursing Sports Bra in Very Berry (Sizes B-F)
  • Vitality Nursing Sports Bra in Very Berry (Sizes B-F)
  • Vitality Nursing Sports Bra in Very Berry (Sizes B-F)
  • Vitality Nursing Sports Bra in Very Berry (Sizes B-F)
  • Vitality Nursing Sports Bra in Very Berry (Sizes B-F)

Vitality Nursing Sports Bra in Very Berry (Sizes B-F)

Key features:

  • High support fabric
  • Bra extender
  • Removable foam insert
  • Clip access for easy feeding
  • Clips designed not to rub or irritate the skin
  • Stylish open-back design

Check out this gorgeous new colour of our much loved Vitality Bra as modelled by Vogue Williams on her Instagram stories!

Whether looking at this bra as an expectant or breastfeeding mum, we know the greatest concern is; will it fit and will it hold everything in place?! 

Your chest will almost go through as many size changes as your belly in the pre and postnatal period and so we have designed a bra that adapts to you throughout every stage of your pregnancy and beyond.

This gorgeous lilac bra has been designed to provide full coverage of your bust, for maximum support. Sizing from a B - F cup allows you to purchase your pre-pregnancy size and feel confident that the bra will fit as your bust expands throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey.

Our easy access clips make nursing your baby easy and discreet and each bra comes with an additional bra extender should you need a wider band as you near the end of your pregnancy. 

The open back is as stylish as it is comfortable, spreading the support around the shoulder area while helping to keep you cool. This is as comfortable for running and working out in as it is to sleep in.


    Not sure what size you need? Take a look at our size guide below.  This chart calculates in line with the Boob or Bust size guides rather than the bra size you wear. This is because bra sizes vary hugely between brands and we want to ensure you get the best fit every time.  At the very least we recommend choosing the size that corresponds with your under bust measurement in inches - not your bra size!  

    We always recommend choosing your pre-pregnancy size for the best fit during and after pregnancy. If you are already pregnant and finding bras too tight, we'd typically suggest picking one size below your current under bust measurement and using the bra extender to the end of your pregnancy (for the best postnatal fit). 

    Still not sure? Drop us an email on with your measurements and current bra size and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 


    • £45.00

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Very comfy

    I ordered the bra as I was looking for a comfy alternative during pregnancy to wear around the house. It’s really comfy due to the racer back, but I have quite large breasts (36F now during pregnancy) so it doesn’t give as much support as a normal sports bra as you cannot adjust the straps. It’s fine though for at home and walking outside - also it looks really pretty! Can’t comment on the nursing part yet but I think it would work well!


    Love this bra - super soft, comfy, supportive, and easy to breastfeed in. Claire was fab at working out the best size for a good fit. Highly recommend!!

    Super comfy bra

    Super comfy sports bra that is also great to wear everyday. Washes well and I love the colours. I've recommended to so many people!

    Super comfortable bra

    I am so glad to find a sports nursing bra-there was nothing like this with my previous pregnancies. This one is so soft and comfortable to wear all day long, as a normal bra. For running, I think it is less elastic and supportive than a normal sports bra but still does the job. I hope it will be supportive enough when I have milk filled boobs!

    Perfect fit and very supportive!

    Very comfortable sports bra. Doesn’t ride or lose shape. I’m no sprinter (!) but coped with cardio well. Would recommend!