Maternity Leggings - Soft Black Postnatal Leggings


Need some help? Find your fit.

Finally! THE luxurious AND squat proof maternity leggings you’ve been looking for.

Why we know you will fall in love with our over the bump leggings...

Named the UKs best maternity leggings by the Independent newspaper, Closer magazine and Mother & Baby, these beautifully soft, squat proof maternity leggings are designed to see you through every stage of your pregnancy and can still be worn postnatally too. The buttery soft fabric feels like a second skin and will stretch as you grow for a totally flattering fit. 

The wide, non-slip, over bump panel, provides support to your bump, back and hips as your baby grows. Feel like you need a little extra lift? Simply fold the panel over itself, under the bump for additional compression support in these areas.

Post-pregnancy keep the panel folded up for a great high waisted legging, or fold it down and wear as you would any other leggings. The low rise waistline has been specially designed to avoid irritating c-section scars, while the high tech fabric wicks sweat as you work out.

While these leggings are as comfortable for yoga as they are for more high impact activities, the luxurious fabric makes them as stylish for everyday wear – which is exactly why they've been named the best maternity leggings many times over!

Maternity Leggings: Key features

  • Luxe soft, wicking fabric
  • Wear high and low waisted
  • Suitable for both during and after pregnancy
  • Totally squat proof
  • Deep pockets on both sides
  • Non-slip
  • Medium support for everyday activities
  • 7/8 length


Not sure what size you need? Take a look at our size guide below - this is based on your typical pre-pregnancy size. If you are usually between sizes and pregnant, we suggest sizing up. If you are looking to wear them as a postnatal legging, we suggest sizing down (or sizing to the lower end of the spectrum). If you still aren't totally sure, drop us an email on for advice and we'll be happy to help!

Our model is a pre-pregnancy size 8 and is wearing a size 6. She is 37 weeks pregnant in the images.


It can be tricky to know what size to get when your shape is constantly changing. We want to ensure you get a perfect fit every time so have created this handy size guide to help you get it right.

Measuring bra size

If you are not sure what bra size you currently are, grab a tape measure and check out Boob or Bust who have a handy calculator, calibrated to take pregnancy and breastfeeding in to account.

This chart calculates in line with the Boob or Bust size guides rather than the bra size you wear. This is because bra sizes vary hugely between brands and we want to ensure you get the best fit every time.  At the very least we recommend choosing the size that corresponds with your under bust measurement in inches - not your bra size! 

We always recommend choosing your pre-pregnancy size for the best fit during and after pregnancy. If you are already pregnant and finding bras too tight, we'd typically suggest picking one size below your current under bust measurement and using the bra extender to the end of your pregnancy (for the best postnatal fit). 

Still not sure? Drop us an email on with your measurements and current bra size and we will get back to you as soon as we can! 








Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Hero piece!

These leggings are just so well crafted and very comfortable. I’ve had cheaper pairs from other places that just don’t last but these are excellent and the side pockets for phone on outer thigh are fantastic! Carry your baby around the house and let phone follow you in your pocket - a weight off 😅

Emily M.
Best all round maternity leggings

I was looking for a pair of maternity leggings that were suitable for all types of exercise, comfortable and would fit both now (16 weeks pregnant) but also grow with me - well I’ve found them! Natal Active’s maternity leggings have meet and exceeded all of my needs; so much so that I’ve already bought another pair! I cannot recommend them enough.

Very comfortable but disappointed in material

These leggings are a great fit and remain very comfortable even as my bump continues to grow. I am however really disappointed that the material has bobbled significantly in the few months that I've had them despite careful washing and some of the stitching round the bottom hems has come undone which I wouldn't expect at the price. While I'll continue to wear them as they are the most comfortable maternity leggings I've found, I now can't really wear them in as many situations as they look visibly scruffy.

I am very sorry to hear that you have had an issue with your leggings - especially as this is not something we have had other complaints of or experienced in wearing them ourselves. I'd be grateful if you could email with your order number so we can look in to this for you, as we don't have a record of an order to this email address, and hopefully we can get this sorted. Best wishes, Claire x

So comfy!

I love these leggings, I virtually live in them. They are a great texture and fit, and good for multi-purpose - I use them for the gym, for the house, for dog walks etc. I've only had them about 2 weeks but my bump has grown loads in that time and hasn't affected the fit - on a friend's recommendation I bought a 12 when I'd usually wear a 10. I highly recommend and they are well worth the money!

Little snug at 30 wks

These leggings feel amazing quality and are totally squat proof however at 30wks pregnant I feel they are slightly too tight around my bump.
Pre pregnancy I would wear a size 10 and so ordered size 10 but they’re too snug to be wearing comfortably. I’m keeping these leggings though as I cannot wait to wear them once I’ve had the baby😃

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