About Natal Active

I am someone that has always exercised and ran throughout all of my pregnancies to varying degrees. Keeping active was hugely important to me from a mental and physical perspective and despite activewear becoming more ‘fashionable’, do you think I could find anything that ticked the boxes of supportive, stylish and breast feeding friendly in the 4 years that I had my three babies?

 There were a few things on the market but I quickly got fed up of scratchy seams, cheap fabrics and clips that rubbed on my collarbones. Not to mention ending up in my husband’s well worn t-shirts when my bump hit its peak and nothing else fitted. Looking a mess did little to help motivate me to carry on working out.

So I set out to create a range of activewear that would allow women to purchase items that would adapt to their changing shapes and support needs as their bumps got bigger. But still look fabulous! Because lets face it, it's hard enough adapting to our changing bodies when we’re pregnant – I wanted clothes that would help you look and feel your best while working out. No more men’s t-shirts!

I wanted to design the range of stylish and functional activewear I wished I could have bought when I was pregnant. And the Natal Active range was born. Comfortable, supportive leggings, bras that adapt to your changing shape and tops that you can throw over it all on your way to the gym – and every item suitable to wear during every stage of your pregnancy and breast feeding journey. Because the other thing I’ve always understood is the value of being able to buy clothing that you can enjoy long beyond the pregnancy bump.

All of our products are designed with my own experience in mind and with your style at heart. 

A range like this could only have been designed by a mum that has been there and done it. I want our clothes to be colourful, functional and stylish and play their own small part in helping you look and feel your best. Whether your goal is to keep walking, or whether you plan to run in to the delivery suite, we want to be here to support you.  

Claire xx


 Natal Active is the trading name of Natal Fitness Ltd, registered company number 12266747.