Created by a mum, for mums

After three pregnancies wearing my husband's t-shirts on runs, and then breastfeeding three babies while trying to wrestle my boobs out of uncomfortable sports bras, I had had enough. I was sick of looking a mess and being uncomfortable, and on realising I couldn’t be the only mum out there feeling the same, the Natal Active range became baby number 4...



As a mum that has always exercised and had a big activewear collection, I struggled to find anything that ticked the boxes of supportive, stylish and breastfeeding friendly in the 4 years that I had my three babies.

I set out to create a range of activewear that would allow women to have clothing that would adapt to their changing shapes and support needs as their bumps got bigger. But still look fabulous!

And so the Natal Active range was born. Comfortable, supportive leggings, bras that adapt to your changing shape and tops that you can throw over it all on your way to the gym – and every item suitable to wear during every stage of your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Because the other thing I’ve always understood is the value of being able to buy clothing that you can enjoy long beyond the pregnancy bump.

I want our clothes to be colourful, functional and stylish and play their own small part in helping you look and feel your best. Whether your goal is to keep walking, or whether you plan to run into the delivery suite, we want to be here to support you.

Claire xx


I want women to have clothing that adapts to their changing shapes and support needs as their bumps get bigger. But still look fabulous!

Claire, Founder


All of our clothes start as a concept and go through many sample iterations before we decide on the final design. Prototypes are tested on pregnant and postnatal bodies and nothing hits the store until I have personally had a good wear (and wash!) of it myself. We are always seeking to improve our designs and work closely with our customers to develop and improve the range.


Comfort, support and functionality are key across the product range. Knowing how sensitive pregnant bodies can be, we select the softest fabrics and the designs are developed to ensure support and ease of use. All of our bras have one handed openings for feeding and all of the clips are backed onto fabric to ensure they never irritate. Our leggings are designed with a unique low dropped waist to ensure support across your bump in pregnancy but to also give full support to postnatal tummies - especially avoiding c-section scars if you have one.

Our Values

Supporting Women

We want to support you through every stage of your pregnancy and postnatal journey. Through our clothing, through our dealings with our customers, through the charities we support and through the information we share with you.

Empowering Women

We aim to make you look good, feel good and empower you to keep active in your pregnancies and after, in whatever way that looks like for you. Whether your goal is running a marathon or walking the dog in the park, every woman’s experience is different but every bit of activity is valid.

Keeping it fun

Motherhood is such a special time but also HARD. The transition is huge, the sleepless nights painful. So a little fun is important - whether you are wearing our bright, funky colours, dealing with us directly, or on social media.



We work with a number of charities to support pregnant and postnatal women. Read more about how we work with Kicks Count, CoppaFeel! and Women’s Aid.