Send back your pre-loved Natal Active garments and earn vouchers for future purchases!

As part of our programme to build our sustainable practises and support charitable causes that support women, we have launched a Pre-Loved Programme where you can now ‘sell back’ your pre-loved Natal Active products, in exchange for a £5 Natal Active gift voucher per item returned to us*. You can either use this yourself or gift it to a pregnant or breastfeeding friend to use. We will sell suitable clothing on, and our net proceeds from the sale will be donated to Women’s Aid.



While all of our clothing has been designed to fit through every stage of your pregnancy and throughout your postnatal journey, we still want to do as much as we can to reduce the 350,000 tonnes of clothing that ends up in landfill each year.

We understand that at times you may need a different size, you may want to invest in new colours or that you may have come to the end of breastfeeding and simply want to move back to non-maternity sportswear. Everything sent back to us will either be re-loved through our partnership with maternity resale platform For The Creators, where they can be bought or rented, re-purposed, where we will donate them to suitable charities, or sustainably recycled.


Step 1


We need a few details from you to record the return and send you your thank you voucher.

Step 2

Send the item(s) to us

Print the form and enclose it in the package with your items. We kindly ask that all items are washed before posting.

Step 3

Earn your voucher

On receipt of the items, we will email you or your nominated friend a voucher code to use on future Natal Active purchases.

Why Women’s Aid?

If domestic abuse is something you have never experienced, you may wonder why it is a subject raised by your midwife in your antenatal appointments. This is because as many as 1 in 3 women experience domestic abuse (whether physical, emotional, financial or sexual) during pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy can be a trigger for domestic abuse and existing abuse may get worse during pregnancy or after giving birth. It is estimated that domestic abuse during pregnancy starts in nearly a third of cases. Women’s Aid is a national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children and ensuring violence against women is no longer tolerated.

When you donate to Women’s Aid you are supporting a movement that is committed to ending domestic abuse, and ensuring violence against women is no longer tolerated.

* The maximum voucher issued per customer is £25. For full Terms and Conditions click here.

What happens to the returned clothing

Step 1 - Quality check
Items will be assessed and those of suitable quality will be made available to buy or rent online through For The Creators

Step 2 - Repurposing
Where items don’t meet our strict controls for resale but as still in good condition, they will be repurposed where they will be donated to suitable charities

Step 3 - Recycling
Items deemed unsuitable for resale or repurposing will be recycled through suitable fabric recycling centres

Items deemed unsuitable for resale or repurposing will be recycled through suitable fabric recycling centres.