We have used our clothing line to team up with two fantastic charities to help raise awareness of the amazing work they do.


Our range of leggings and shorts are the only clothes to carry the innovative ‘life saving label’ - a handy reminder from Kicks Count to monitor your baby’s movements every day.

In the UK, 9 babies are stillborn every single day. While there isn’t one cause of stillbirth, a decrease in fetal movement can be a key warning sign that a baby is in distress and we are proud to support Kicks Count in their goal to raise awareness of babies movements and encourage mums to report any changes in movement immediately. With the right monitoring, it is estimated that a third of stillbirths could be prevented.


While breast cancer in pregnancy or when breastfeeding is rare, your breasts change significantly during this time and, as the breast tissue becomes more dense, it can be more difficult to notice changes in the breasts. Combined with the general lack of time and tiredness that comes with being a new mum, remembering to check your breasts is often the last thing on people’s minds.

But it is still important. That’s why all of our sports bras carry a reminder label to ‘Cop a Feel’ and every purchase of a sports bra comes with helpful information from the charity to ensure you know how to check your breasts properly.