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We know it's not always easy to keep track of your baby's movements, even though it's important. That's why, as part of our partnership with charity Kicks Count, we are now selling their award-winning wristbands to help you track movement episodes, making it easier to recognise a reduction or change.

Made from silicone, they help reduce worry and are available in two colours - and all the money raised goes directly to the charity to help fund their ongoing awareness campaign. 

Using your Kicks Count band

The band can help you get you know YOUR baby’s pattern of movement. Remember, there is no standard quota of movement that all mums should feel. As you feel an episode of movement throughout the day move the plastic slider to the next number on the band.
At 26-28 weeks you should notice that you are moving the band the same amount of times each day. Yet, this varies, and it may be a little earlier or later for you. Take note of the times of day baby moves too, it’s a great point of reference for getting to know your baby’s pattern of awake and asleep times. Consider movement triggers too, does eating make your baby wriggle? or perhaps they dance when you lay down?
Report any change to normal to your Maternity Assessment Unit as soon as possible. They’re there to help you and your baby, don’t worry about calling them!
If you choose to breastfeed, the L and R (left and right) can be used as feeding reminders.

The band does not monitor your baby for you and is not a substitute for regular checks with your midwife

It can be tricky to know what size to get when your shape is constantly changing. We want to ensure you get a perfect fit every time so have created this handy size guide to help you get it right.

Measuring bra size

We always recommend choosing your pre-pregnancy size for the best fit during and after pregnancy. The bras will expand with your bust and the bra extender will ensure the band fits to the end of your pregnancy while also ensuring you have the most supportive postnatal fit as your body settles post baby.  

Still not sure? Drop us an email on with your measurements and current bra size and we will help you find the best fit!







For sizing leggings we recommend choosing your pre-pregnancy size. If you are usually between sizes pick the larger of the two. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sue M

Bought this for my daughter, she loves it and gives her reassurance about baby's movements

Michelle Cohen
Helpful as a worrier

Received this band really fast after ordering. I am always worried about my babies movements but even just having the band on helped even if I didn’t move it straight away I would remember she’d kicked and adjust it later. Overall happy with purchase, would recommend for anxious mumma’s.




Simply excellent

Trish Harvey

Purchased the bracelet for my daughter and she wears it all the time. Such a simple but brilliant idea- Thankyou

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