7 top tips for sun safety in pregnancy

When the sun finally shines it makes everything seem good, but when you are pregnant you need to be more careful than most in those glorious rays.  So we have collated our 7 top tips for sun safety in pregnancy to keep you safe and comfortable.

  • Sorry to say it but ideally avoid ‘sunbathing’ at all. Something we often hear but so many of us ignore in favour of getting a bit of a summer glow. Pregnant or not, high amounts of sun are not good for us or our skin, increasing ageing and risk of skin cancers. Just think of how young you’ll look at the school gates when that little babe starts reception!
  • If you are in the sun it’s important not to get too hot or dehydrated as is the advice even when you are not pregnant, so avoid direct sun during about 11 and 3 and make sure you are taking on lots of fluids. We love this tracking bottle  to keep you motivated to keep your fluids up across the day.
  • Enjoy the sunshine from a shady spot to help keep cool on warmer days. Sounds like obvious advice but it can be just as lovely (in my opinion even more so) to enjoy the warmth of the sun in the shade than the sweaty alternative of sitting in the direct sunlight. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Your skin can be much more sensitive to burning in pregnancy so make sure you are wearing a higher factor sun cream than you would usually use when you are out and about to protect yourself. Ideally above factor 30 (yes even in the UK!) and make sure you reapply it every couple of hour.

  • Your skin is also more prone to changing colour in pregnancy so you may find you get darker patches of skin in sun exposed spots, again a high factor cream will help avoid this. If you are worried about creams marking you favourite activewear, this sunscreen  has been rated as one of the best non marking creams to try with the added bonus that its not sticky! 
  • If you still really want to spend some time sitting or lying in the sun, I always found a damp muslin or towel over my belly was a great way to keep cooler, especially when you are on holiday and lying by the pool.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • But the best tip for that summer glow? Find a good fake tan - it’s generally recommended to avoid spray tans so you don’t breathe it in but there are some fab fake tans you can do at home. I personally love Fake Bake, Skinny Tan and Bare by Vogue for ease of use and a natural colour. ⠀⠀⠀
  • One final tip – if you find, as everything is growing, that your thighs are rubbing and getting sweaty in the sun, try wearing a pair of our cycle shorts under your summer dresses for a bit of comfort and support. They come highly recommended!