10 Tips for Expressing Breast Milk Successfully

There are a variety of reasons a mum needs to express breast milk for their baby, whether doing it occasionally to have a night out, more frequently to go back to work, or as a total alternative to breast feeding.  With World Breast Pumping Day today, there are a number of ways you can prepare to make the breast pumping experience an easier one. Here are our 10 tips for success.

1) Get the right kit

There are many different breast pumps out there so how to know which is the right one? Ideally pick one that has a variety of different flanges (the plastic bit that sits on your boob) so that you have one that has a good fit. An electric breast pump is a must for regular pumping but a manual one can be handy for emergencies. If you think you might need to express breast milk on the go, the Pipetta hands-free pump is a brilliant piece of kit designed to sit in your bra and do the work while you do whatever you need to do.

2) Build up a stock of milk

If you know you are going back to work, or planning some time away from your baby, it can be a good idea to build up a store beforehand. Breast milk can be frozen for up to 6 months (at -18c or lower) but can be stored in the fridge for 8 days (at 4c or lower). An easy way to collect some extra milk is to start by pumping on one side while your little one feeds on the other. You may find that they feed a little more frequently at first but your supply will quickly catch up with demand.

3) Look at your baby to help your let down

The way the body works is quite amazing, but if you are expressing breast milk when you aren’t with your baby, try looking at photos or watching videos of them to help stimulate the let down reflex and collect more milk.

4) Create a pumping routine as you might a breastfeeding routine

If possible have somewhere quiet you can comfortably sit and relax and focus on expressing. Not always the easiest if you are trying to combine expressing breast milk with running around after a toddler! But if you can time it around their bedtime or naps, hopefully you will manage to pump without much distraction!

Nursing Sports Bra

5) Double up the effort

If time is tight, you are exclusively pumping, or if you need make sure you have more milk stocked up, invest in a double electric breast pump for extra efficiency with each pumping session.

6) Mix it up - pumping

If using an electric pump, switch between pumping phases to aid flow. I would often find that when the milk flow had started to slow, going back to the start where the faster, suckling phase was simulated, would trigger another let down of additional milk.

7) Mix it up – freezing

Freeze breastmilk in mixed size portions to avoid wastage. If you know your little one usually drinks 6oz, make sure you have some 2oz and 4oz portions to hand for hungrier days. Smaller portions are also great when mixing into foods during weaning without wasting milk unnecessarily.  Defrost any frozen milk in the fridge and shake it if it has separated. 

8) Create a pumping bra from a nursing bra

If you have a more traditional breast pump, being hands free can be a lifesaver. Did you know that our Nursing Sports Bras can be adapted to hold your breast pump too?

9) Prepare for emergencies

Always keep a spare top in your bag if you are pumping when out and about – because you definitely don’t want to be crying over spilled milk…

10) Feed on demand when/if you can

If you are expressing breast milk so that you can be away on a more regular basis, such as to go back to work, breastfeed your baby as much as you can when you are together. The more you feed the more milk you will produce when you pump, which will hopefully help to keep your milk flowing plentifully for as long as you want it to.

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