9 ways to pick the best maternity leggings...

Updating your wardrobe to be a bit more pregnancy friendly may not be the first thing on your to-do list if you’ve just found out you’re expecting – but as time passes, it’s only going to climb up that list until getting new maternity leggings becomes priority number one! But how do you know what the best maternity leggings are to buy? And what actually does it mean to find the ‘best’ maternity leggings? 

I often look back on my own pregnancies and question how I managed when it came to my wardrobe. I had always loved exercising, and I had whole bunch of great leggings that by my second trimester were digging into my belly and feeling decidedly uncomfortable. I spend time and money trying to find the best maternity leggings, but they were either thin and see through, or just fell down constantly.

I wanted maternity leggings that were supportive, stylish and stayed put! So when I created the Natal Active Luxe Maternity Leggings, I wanted them to be more than ‘just’ maternity leggings; they needed to the most comfortable, most supportive, best maternity leggings a mum could find, adapting to her changing shape through her pregnancy and still fitting once baby was born too.
And when we won an award from the Independent Indy Best Buy list for the best maternity leggings in 2021, I knew we had created something very special.

Still undecided whether to make the investment? Here are 9 reasons why you really should…

  • They stretch over bigger bumps, and fit postnatally too!
When our maternity leggings were in their product development stage, I wanted to make sure that they would be able to accommodate the many changes that a woman’s body goes through when pregnant. After all, they wouldn’t be the best maternity leggings, if your bump is just going to stretch out the fabric and leave you with saggy leggings after? No one wants that! So I was careful to make sure that these maternity leggings would fit over even the biggest bumps, but equally would fit you after your pregnancy too!

Aoife⭐⭐⭐ "Fantastic leggings! I’m a size 10 and in my 3rd trimester and the size 10 fit perfectly. Really comfy over the bump"

  • Squat proof
I have lost count of the amount of leggings I have bought that have been perfect for lounging around the house in, but have turned out to be completely useless to exercise in because they haven’t been squat proof – if you aren’t going to make them squat proof, why bother! But one of the biggest reasons why the Natal Active mum tribe rates ours as the best maternity leggings so often, is because they really fit like a second skin – without showing your knickers! Do all the squats, yoga and lifting you want with piece of mind and confidence that the fabric is thick enough to keep you properly covered!
  • Deep V stitching to avoid c-section scars and support your bump

To me the best maternity leggings needed to give secure support over the bump but still be comfortable after – even if you had to have a c-section. The deep V shape at the front allows the front panel to hug your bump as it grows – almost acting as its own bra! But it has the added advantage of not rubbing on c-section scars as many leggings would – in fact giving that delicate area its own boost of support postnatally too.

Lucy Coughlan ⭐⭐⭐ "Brilliant leggings. Really soft and a lovely fit over my c section scar. I’m sure they’ll do me through my next pregnancy. Even better, they don’t fall down!"

  • Deep pockets both sides
POCKETS! Need I say more?  Of course the best maternity leggings would have pockets! (Even if we have recently released a pocket-free version too!) The amount of stuff I can fit in these pockets is actually unbelievable, very useful for when you have a million one little bits and bobs to carry around as a mum. If you want pockets to hold your phone, a nappy, some sudocreme, a bottle of calpol and a dummy, these are the maternity leggings for you!

  • Colour options
Now I totally understand why most mums want black leggings. It is the most versatile colour after all. But I have always loved brighter colours and wanted our maternity leggings to give mums the boost I get when I wear something bright and colourful. When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time in my husband’s clothing – mainly because I couldn’t find any good maternity leggings, so his joggers had to do; but living in dark oversized clothes did nothing for my self confidence.

Since their launch, the Natal Active Luxe Maternity and Postnatal leggings in the Berry colour have been some of my favourite leggings I have ever had – and I’m not the only one! So many of the Natal Active mums love this colour and we’ve since added teal, cobalt blue and a stunning sage green to the collection too.
  • Low waist or high rise

It’s the age-old question, short rise, or low rise… well the bets maternity leggings should have both! The accommodating low cut of the seam on the waist band means that, yes it will stretch over your bumps and can be worn high waisted, but equally you can fold the panel over itself for a lower fit under your bump too.

  •  Reflective version

No matter what conditions you’re exercising in, it’s important to feel safe. So, if you’re a running mum like me that has to fit in workouts around the kids, you might find yourself running in early morning and late nights…That why we offer a reflective option on our black maternity leggings so that you can run safely and be seen even if it’s pitch black!

Lucy F ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Great Purchase. ‘… The reflective detail on the lower legs is ace, they look great but also v useful for running on roads in winter as cars etc can see u in the lights. Would definitely recommend!’

  • Kicks Count logo label
The best maternity leggings should also look after your baby’s health too. If you have ever bought yourself a pair of the our maternity leggings, you might have noticed a little label inside each pair reminding you to monitor your baby’s movements. Kicks Count is an incredible charity that aims to reduce the UKs still birth rate by reminding mums to monitor their babies movements in the womb and our reminder label aims to help you remember too.
  • Buttery soft

One thing that I hear time and time again from our customer reviews is that ours are the best maternity leggings because they are unbelievably soft! Which they absolutely are! When you’re pregnant, there are so many little things that can irritate your skin, so when I chose the fabrics we use for these maternity leggings I wanted to make sure there was nothing that could cause any discomfort at all.


On top of that, I wanted to make something so high quality and so luxurious feeing, that when you first put them on, they made you feel like you were wearing something special – just because you’re pregnant, that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel a little lavish right?


If you want to discover the best maternity leggings for yourself, you can shop the collection here…