Best Christmas Gifts for a Pregnant or New Mum

You might be busy thinking about what you need to buy everyone else for Christmas, but if you are an expectant or new mum it’s only fair that you have a pretty substantial wish list of your own too. We’ve hunted down some of our favourite things for you to add to your own list this Christmas, or treat yourself to if dropping hints isn’t working!
Skin Care - Purer Mama

Finding precious moments to relax and destress can be incredibly difficult when you are pregnant and even more so if you have a new baby. So, if you need a little bit of R&R, why not get some body oils or creams to pamper yourself with. Having discovered this brand at the baby show this year, we fell in love the Protect and nourish skin treatments from Purer mama, especially their Protect body butter. Choose from the gorgeous lavender or for something more festive, their frankincense edition and allow the natural minerals and antioxidants to hydrate your skin and reduce inflammation or scarring.

Glam up your changing bag

Glam up your mum wardrobe with a stylish changing bag that will jazz up the most simple of mum-life outfits and not look out of place if you're off somewhere without the kids in tow. We LOVE the range from Nancy & Frank. Not only are they totally elegant, but you can even buy a matching one for your older kids too! 

Personalised jewellery

Whether its your first second, or even third child it is always nice to mark the moment with a personalised gift like jewellery. Miracle memories have some beautiful pieces that you can have engraved for all different occasions. From pendants, to charms, they even do cufflinks, so there’s even something nice for dad too.

Breastfeeding accessories

Getting ready to breastfeed or already in the thick of it? Add some breastfeeding accessories to your Christmas list. We think that the Pipetta hands free breast pump is an absolute must have!  Completely wireless, small and lightweight with 5 different pump settings, this pump is perfect for mums who are planning to or are already nursing.

If you already have a pump, why not get a feeding necklace? Babies have a habit of getting awfully distracted when feeding and who can blame them? Having a feeding necklace is perfect for those little grabby hands to fiddle with. Our friends at Yummikeys have a beautiful stainless steel feeding necklace design that can also be engraved – what’s not to love?

A massage

Pregnant or not, sometimes we all just need a minute to pause, breath deep and let go of our stresses…but that is far easier said than done, especially when you get to the point that you feel like you have been pregnant forever. That said, a massage can be perfect to help you feel re-energised and destressed. The Birth Boutique offers some amazing massage therapy and aroma therapy that is specifically designed to help ease some of those pregnancy related pains. If you aren’t local to these guys, grab some vouchers for your local spa – most do pregnancy specific treatments.

Full body pregnancy pillow

With getting comfortable being near impossible at the end of pregnancy, a full body pregnancy pillow is definitely something you want to add to your list. The BBHugMe is perfect for pregnancy at any stage and can even double hp to give a bit of arm support for breastfeeding later too. It comes in a wide variety of colours and can be adjusted for firmness and shape too.

Maternity and postnatal friendly clothing

Obviously bump friendly clothing is a must for anyone that is expecting. But try opting for something that you will be able to love just as much postnatally as during pregnancy. Our natal active leggings are of course perfect for expecting and new mums – after all who doesn’t love a soft comfy pair of leggings? If you’re looking for something a little more dressy, check out the range of breastfeeding friendly clothes from Juno Jacks – you can even pick a style to twin with your little one!  

Birthing and antenatal classes

Sometimes, preparing for a baby can get quite overwhelming. Taking antenatal or birthing classes is an amazing way to prepare for baby. We love the approach from Mind My Bump who have a whole range of different courses that focus on a mindful pregnancy and birth – great for those of you unsure if hypnobirthing is quite the right approach for you.