Flying During Pregnancy: Everything you need to know before you jet off

Flying while pregnant may feel like navigating through uncharted skies. Whether you're jetting off for a babymoon or traveling for business, ensuring a comfortable and safe flight is crucial. Here’s are a few things you need to think about before you buckle up, and some top tips to keep you and your bump cosy at 30,000 feet!

Check Airline Policies on Flying in Pregnancy

Before you even pack your bags, it’s important to check with your airline about their specific guidelines for flying in pregnancy. Some airlines restrict travel after 28 weeks without a doctor’s ‘fit to fly’ letter, while others have different cut offs. Getting this sorted early will save you a headache at the airport. Remember some GPs charge for these letters so be sure to arrange it in plenty of time. If you’ve left it too late but you know you have no medical restrictions on flying, you could always wear a really baggy jumper and hope for the best!

Best Times for Flying in Pregnancy

The sweet spot for flying in pregnancy is typically during the second trimester. By this time, morning sickness has usually eased up, and the discomforts of the third trimester haven’t fully kicked in yet. Plus, you’ll hopefully feel more energetic and able to manage the rigors of travel, especially if you have to deal with jet lag. The second trimester is also the perfect time for showing off your blossoming baby bump on holiday too!

 Choose Your Seat Wisely

Being allocated an aisle seat is like winning the lottery when flying in pregnancy. Easy access to the loos without having to climb over your fellow passengers is a game-changer, so if you do have to pay to choose your seat, do it – it’s worth every penny. Plus, being able to stretch your legs frequently on longer flights helps keep the blood flowing and reduces the risk of developing blood clots as well as easing water retention which can be made worse by flying.

 Stay Hydrated

The air inside the cabin is notoriously dry, and staying well hydrated is even more crucial when you’re pregnant. Drink plenty of water before and during your flight to keep hydration levels up. Avoid caffeine, which can increase dehydration and it goes without saying to avoid alcohol too.

Dress for Comfort

Opt for loose-fitting or stretchy clothing and layers to accommodate fluctuating temperatures on board as it can quickly go from cold to hot on a plane. Compression socks are a must to help prevent swelling in your legs and feet. Our Natal Active luxe leggings are perfect to deal with any swelling and give your bump a little support, and layering up with a bamboo top and our maternity/nursing hoodie gives you the perfect flying outfit.

Staying Active on the Plane

Every hour or so, take a walk up and down the aisle. Stretching and moving your legs improves circulation and can help prevent discomfort and more serious issues like deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Simple ankle rolls and leg stretches can also be done right in your seat. For a few exercise ideas, check out these tips 

Smart Snacking While Flying in Pregnancy

Airplane food isn't exactly gourmet, and it might not sit well with your pregnant tummy, not to mention that you never really know when you’ll get fed and we all know pregnancy hunger is REAL. Pack some healthy snacks like almonds, crackers, or fruit to keep hunger at bay and help you avoid foods that might trigger nausea, but be sure to add a few treat snacks in there too.

Bring Nausea Relief

If you're still suffering with morning sickness, prepare for potential turbulence when flying in pregnancy which might make it worse. Ginger biscuits, acupressure wristbands, or prescribed nausea medication can be lifesavers when you're up in the air without your usual creature comforts.

Prepare a Travel Kit

Include all your prenatal vitamins and any medications you need in your carry-on – never trust it in your main luggage. It's also a good idea to bring a copy of your prenatal records and emergency contact numbers, just in case, especially if you are travelling in your third trimester.

Relax and Enjoy the Flight

Lastly, don't forget to relax and make the most of your time in the air. Bring a neck pillow, a good book, or load your tablet with your favourite shows. This is a great time to enjoy flying on your own as it may well be a while before you get to do it without kids in tow again!

**Final Thoughts on Flying in Pregnancy**

Remember, every pregnancy is unique. Always consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that flying is safe for you, especially if you have any pregnancy complications. With the right preparations, flying during pregnancy can be a smooth and comfortable experience. Safe travels, mama!